Dad, Dad did you hear me? Daddy I'm talking to you - A question and statement that unfortunately, I have heard more than once, and it makes my heart heavy to think about. 

I was sent this video, ironically, via one of the major Social Media Sites. It raises issue with the 'Pink Elephant' in the room. Our time, relationships, and responsibilities are falling second or third to the very technological tools that were made to help us manage our time, ultimately giving us more time to enjoy the 'important' things of life.

We are missing the World and the experiences of life, all while we are trying catch it in a message, video, photo, phone call and then send it across cyber space.

The simple life, taking phone calls at home or the office, actually having conversations with people who were at the most, ten feet away and reading their reactions to what was said via their body language, not emoticons is slipping away with each media message sent. We have lost the 'face to face', touch and feel of relationships and conversations.

I believe I am headed to one of my own new year resolutions, I will reduce the interactions that I have via my smart phone and begin to enjoy the 'simple things'.