Ouch.  I really cannot describe the pain and numbness.  Yes I am on the air.  But I had to record early due to a visit to the dentist this afternoon.

I just finished about 20 minutes ago.  I watched the doc put the novocaine gun in once, twice then a third time for good measure.  By this time I am starting to feel like Droopy Dog.  I bet I look like him as well.

Is this really necessary?  Yes was the response I got.  A filling decided it no longer wanted to play the game and had to replaced. 

I know how it feels to be replaced.  You get old, some younger version shows up on the scene and BAM!  You are replaced.  It has happen to me before.  Maybe in another life.

Oh back to the numbness.  Now I feel water dripping out of the side of my mouth.  No it cannot be.  I cannot drink.  Must be drool.  I'll get back to that.

So after an hour in the chair, I asked him so when can I eat.  I hear a chuckle or two.  Late.  Ok.  5 or 6?  No.  9pm maybe.  What?  I was given enough novacain to kill a small moose.  I still cannot drink. Ugh. 

Hopefully this will all be gone by the time I join up with you tomorrow.  Have a great evening.   Oh and that drool?  Got all over my cheek, chin and then my shirt.  I feel really old now.