2015 looked to be the battle of the blockbusters with Avengers 2, Star Wars VII, Hunger Games and even Superman/Batman. In a recent announcement, Warner Bros. and DC pulled the release date for their upcoming DC team-up movie from summer 2015 to 2016.

I'm a big fan of Superman and Batman, I love both of these DC heroes equally as both made a huge impact to my childhood in some form. Being a military child only a few things stayed constant in my life - my parents, my dog Max, video games and the Superman and Batman cartoons and movies were part of the few things in my life that would be there no matter where my family went.

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Now there is no denying that when it comes to cinema blockbusters of comic books, Marvel is the winner in the realm. They have managed to take some of the little obscure heroes such as Thor and Iron Man and make them into household names while still pulling huge box office numbers from their big name heroes like Spider-Man and The X-Men.

When you look at DC's battle record with blockbusters only Batman and Superman seem to get the big numbers. Other heroes such as Green Lantern, Jonah Hex and even Catwoman didn't fair as well. That's only with DC heroes though not counting their other series that are outside the heroic realm. Some of DC's not so well known titles such as RED, V for Vendetta and Watchmen got extremely high praises from critics and audiences alike.

Now last summer Warner Bros. released 'Man of Steel' which is perhaps the most divided movie between critics and audiences alike. Some people loved the new refreshing take on a classic superhero. Others have blasted it for actions that will not be mentioned in this article in case you - the reader- have yet to watch the film.

This movie also laid the groundwork for the highly rumored Justice League film. The road would be paved further with the announced Batman/Superman film in the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. When it was announced that the film would be released in July 2015 it was actually pretty shocking and brave. Warner Bros. and DC had basically challenged Marvel's Avengers 2 which was also coming out in the summer of 2015. A summer throwdown between two comic giants in the cinema world with their biggest titles in the ultimate battle of box office supremacy.


Well it seems that battle is not going to happen as Warner Bros. announced that the Batman/Superman film will be released in 2016. There are a number of factors why this move was done. As stated earlier 2015 is a big blockbuster year, the audience will decide who gets the ticket sales and which movies will make or break. The Avengers sequel has the potential and will most likely break box office records again. The Marvel superhero team film seems to have other summer blockbusters concerned.

Star Wars VII was originally going to open the summer 2015 season but will now close the 2015 cinema year. The reason for this is actually simple, since Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise they didn't want two of their biggest blockbusters dividing audiences. So rather than have the possible unknown of how a Star Wars sequel will play out, they decided to go with the sure thing which is Avengers.

So what does that mean for 2016? Marvel does have some films coming out around that time period, but none which will pull the big numbers like Avengers would. The DC powerhouse of Superman/Batman would be the BIG one of the year. Warner Bros. would not have to worry about other blockbuster films possibly interfering with their film.

However, by delaying the film a year, does that mean DC doesn't have the confidence that the biggest names of their comic universe could potentially match or beat the Avengers in 2015? With the following announcements such as Ben Affleck playing Batman and Wonder Woman now making an appearance in the film it has left somewhat of a bad taste in the mouth of fans.

Wonder Woman's announcement is what's having fans scratch their heads. With this it feels that Warner Bros. and DC is rushing to the Justice League film rather than slowly building it up like Marvel did with Avengers. Honestly, how can DC build up their superhero team slowly, the original Justice League has seven members. By the time the team is built up like Marvel built their ultimate super hero team, it would be too late and no longer seen as relevant. If Warner Bros. decides to go with introducing Batman and Wonder Woman in the sequel, it could be a big rushed mess.

Either way, Justice League can't win.

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