I think we can all agree, 'The Force Awakens' will be a perfect third title in the Star Wars trilogy.

Don't get me wrong, George Lucas was the creative mind that brought this genre into the mainstream... With one of the greatest films of all time... but that doesn't mean he was a victim of that same creative mind. A New Hope was a great movie. The sequel, The Empire Strikes Back was an even better film. Still pushing to top the previous, Return of the Jedi was a good flick, but it couldn't hold a candle to Empire.

The same goes for the prequels. Not that they're not good movies, I enjoyed them... but I still get a sinking feeling of emotional distance when I watch them, and the realization of an entire film shot on a green screen saddens me. That is a real boner-killer right there. Digital effects are great when they compliment a film, but they ruin any credibility when an entire production is centered around them. For anyone thinking 'Hey, this will be Star Wars 7. What about the other four movies?', shut your face.

There is only two Star Wars movies so far. A New Hope and Empire. Let's hope Abrams can pull this off... but guessing from the words of hard core fans like Kevin Smith, this will be the movie that resurrects the brand. Not for the sake of merchandise, Disney has already gone overboard with that - ie - Star Wars Duracell batteries... but for the sake of fans who found something profoundly new and exciting in Hope.

Return of the Jedi - Ewoks. Sure, they help defeat the Empire, but armed teddy bears? Really? Shenanigans of the highest degree.

The Phantom Menace - Could have used a lot more of the Darth Maul story line. Much less pod racing, and fewer talking moments with Jar Jar Binks.

Attack of the Clones - Not a bad flick, but how long must I sit and watch our main characters ride transports through empty deserts?

Revenge of the Sith - Arguably the better of the prequels, but still... and entire movie shot on a green screen. Everyone sticks to their hate of Hayden Christensen.

So I digress, Awakens should be a great third movie in the Star Wars trilogy.

To tell you the truth, I hope the web rumors are true, and Luke becomes the villain.

Either way, like you, I'll be watching it all unfold at the new Patriot 13 IMAX... Tickets are on sale now.