We've talked a lot in the last month about Oklahoma's lack of distracted driving laws.  We are one of only six states that doesn't have a texting law on the books to help prosecute people who are distracted while driving.


Well, it's not just behind the wheel that you may be losing time.  A new 1,000-person survey by Virgin Pulse says 95% of people indicate they are distracted during the workday.  Oops. . .hang on for a sec. . .

Ha!  My mom just posted a great pic of her new puppy.  Wanna see?  Oh?  We were talking about something important?  Oh!  That's Right!!  Distracted working!!

The survey indicates 45% of people feel technology (texts, Facebook, Instagram) is distracting enough that it keeps productivity low.

So, as a person who is prone to distraction, let me give you some easy things to help you manage your work, your social, your personal:

  1. Schedule time in your calendar to complete larger projects or projects that require focus.  My Outlook calendar at work is my lifeline.  I block out time for larger projects or special requests.  During that time, no one can schedule a meeting and people will understand if you are not responding to your phone or email while you are working on the project.
  2. When you are working:  remove the distractions.  Put your phone in a desk drawer or your purse or coat while you need to concentrate.  Turn off the sounds and buzzers so you won't be tempted to take a glance.
  3. Your office phone is there for a reason, but there are times when you can turn it off or turn it to voice mail so you can get your work done.
  4. Schedule in some breaks so you CAN check your phone, take a lap around the office or check on the kids.  Doing it this way can help you manage your anxiety about not being in direct and immediate contact.