Did you have a Big Wheel as a kid? Do you miss the carefree days of riding all day long? How would you like to relive the days of pedal power as an adult? The adult-sized tricycle, that makes sense to us  Let me explain. I used to live in a cul de sac where kids ruled the court. There was always moms and dads out there with their kids. Tricycles, bikes with training wheels and yes the "Big Wheels." Now my kids, Molly and Kaleb never owned one, but got to ride one here and there. There were also a few times we dads would wonder aloud (after a couple of afternoon beverages) about the days on the big wheel. I felt like the 5th wheel here cause I never had one. But conversation was good.

Not everyone who wants to pedal around using their own power has a good sense of balance. What doesn’t make sense to us is this adult-sized Big Wheel, intended for people who want to recapture their childhoods and weigh up to 275 pounds. Now at this point in my life, I am balanced weight wise, but at my age, well that is to be determined. Would my insurance cover me if I rode this? Better yet would my wife allow me to ride this?

It could also work for extremely tall toddlers, we suppose. Or it could be used in a circus or for stunts at the county fair. Either way it would be interesting. The bike is now marked down from its “list price” of $899.95, so hurry up and get on that while it’s only $645.

Would you want to revert back to your childhood and ride one now?