Today, my favorite thing in the world is the speech by Congresswoman Shelley Berkley when a rider was attached to a defense spending bill that shut down three pay-to-play poker sites on Friday.

This is a "who do you think you are" type speech and it's got me all RILED up.  Now, I've never played online poker for money, but I'm also not a fan of shutting down the Internet access and capabilities (Hello, China!) just to satisfy the moral dictates of a few.

This also highlights the absolutely ridiculous system in our government of being able to attached riders and amendments to bills and being unable to snatch them back off before a bill goes to vote.  It's a great way to get your piddly and annoying leftist or rightist issues taken care of while ignoring the fact you are potentially harming the chances of a worthy bill to pass.

Government!  Ha!