I was not raised in the the south but I have learned a lot about southern hospitality since I've lived her nearly 16 years now. I'm still trying to understand the local colloquialism's; as in "reckin", "fixin", "yonder", "jeetyet", and "backerds". I'm gettin' there! David still smiles at me when I fall into my northern slang and start talking with "doncha know", "you betcha" "up nort" "hot dish" and "pop" just to name a few.

One thing I've learned, when someone "passes" you make a casserole for the family and you take it to them. The dish I take is enchiladas. They are easy to make and can be reheated many times and still taste good. My friend Lynn shared this video with me and I am sharing it here so my family "up nort" can understand why I've started "talkin' funny." -- Oh! Bless their hearts!