If you want to snap a spontaneous shot of you and your boo and you don’t travel with your own personal photographer, you've got two choices: take a weirdly up-close picture, selfie-style, featuring your nose pores, or ask a stranger for help. Selfie-style is limiting — how do you get your faces and the Washington Monument in the frame? Asking a stranger for help is embarrassing.


That’s where a new Android/iOS app called Groopic comes in. Say you guys are romantically picnicking and you want to capture the moment, but there’s no one around. With Groopic, you can seamlessly weave together two individual pictures into one group portrait. Person A uses the app to take a picture of Person B. Then, they trade places: Person A goes over and poses next to where Person B was, and Person B replaces Person A at the camera. The app stitches the two photos together so it looks like Person A and Person B were sitting together at the same time as the photo was taken.

Here is a link to the app: Groopic