I read that headline and thought "Whaaaa?" OK, I will admit it to the world, I don't watch Duck Dynasty!  I know, I know...you can't believe I don't watch "the BEST show on television right now."  Seriously, I don't understand the fascination.

OK I get that Si is funny and that the entire series is based on Christian beliefs and family and all that. After all, Willie says "Faith, family and ducks...in that order..." I just can't get past the chopping off of the heads and the ripping off of the skin and the eating of the ENTIRE squirrel body.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a vegan by any stretch of the imagination but I just can't watch that stuff.  If David is watching a hunting show I have to plug my ears and shut my eyes when they are getting ready to fire the gun.  I know, I live in Oklahoma where hunting is a way of life.  I didn't say I don't condone it, I just don't like to WATCH it.  I'll eat it but I don't want to watch it die.

Anyway, back to the headline...yes, the Duck Dynasty family is releasing a Christmas Album. Universal Music Group Nashville announced Monday that the album, called Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas, will hit stores October 29. The family grew up singing in church and has many musical members who will be showcasing their talents on the album.

Willie Robertson, CEO and Duck Commander said "Christmas is an important holiday for us not only because of our strong faith but also our holiday family traditions. We're having a great time making this album. We hope you enjoy it."

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