I got to spend a rare day at home on Monday. It was the perfect day to stay inside and read a book or to catch up on my shows that I had recorded on my DVR. Luckily I ran across Good Morning America. Sir Elton John was performing for their Fall Concert Series. 

Robin Roberts approached his piano and talked to him a bit about his new album "Diving Board" which was released on September 24th in the U.S. It's his 31st studio album and according to the reviews probably one of his best.

He told Robin that he was "getting back to the basics" on this album. In other words, back to the piano.  I watched the lyric video on YouTube and read some of the comments and I especially liked reading the comments from song of the younger viewers.

17 year old Kaitlin wrote:

I'm almost 17 and i can't STAND some of todays music! I listen to almost everything, but what i listen to has a meaning, and thats why i love Sir Elton John so much. And by the way, i wouldn't mind a list if thats not a problem :)

Someone named Josh must have stated something similar (I couldn't find his comments among the thousands but Kevin replied to his comments with this:

Well Josh, I just turned 50 this week and just let me say, you are a smart kid. There is so much glorious music from the "old" days that the young generation will never hear, because they won't give it a chance. I would love to send you a list of some of my favorites. These are songs that have brought me so much enjoyment and have also helped me through tough times. Follow your instincts and listen to what sounds good, regardless of it's age. Fifty thumbs up can't be wrong!

I love to read that a younger audience is beginning to enjoy what we call "Classic Hits". My younger nieces and nephews love artists like Journey and Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and the Eagles...just to name a few.

What I love about this song is the chorus line. It really makes you think about your life. We grow up and can't wait to move away and start our own life and then as we get older we find ways to "get back home again". That is what this song is about and I really enjoy it. I hope you do to.