Sure, Van Halen's legendary concert riders used to demand that all of the brown M&Ms be removed. But it's not like they ever requested that the tasty sweets be given their own adjacent temperature-controlled hotel room. To get to that level of kooky eccentricity, you'll need to read Elton John's tour demands.

In Brazil for a planned Saturday (March 9) concert before 60,000 at Mineirao stadium, John has reportedly asked for a separate accommodations at the five-star Ouro Minas hotel at Belo Horizonte ... for his collection of fancy glasses.

A member of John's production company says the second room is required for his shades, because "he needs a temperature of 16C (or 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit) to preserve the accessories."

There's more, of course, including requests for a host of cold drinks as well as access to sports channels from the 65-year-old former owner of the Watford FC soccer club. John reportedly requires four bottles of cranberry juice, a pint of fresh skim milk, two bottles of Pinot Grigio, eight small bottles of Evian water as well as five large or 12 small bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling water. Oh, and large vases filled with red and white roses.

Still, for all of that outlandish excess, you'll know you've really made it when you can afford adjoining suite space for your eyewear.