There are two things about Elton John you can count on. The first is Bernie Taupin. The second is that you can always count on the music.

John has been working with lyricist for nearly half a decade. Together they have written some of the most classic tunes of the rock era. Songs we grew up with. Songs that are entwined with memories. Songs that we sang to our children that made them laugh. For 48 years the pair have combined to become one of, if not the, most prolific song writing tandems in history.

photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment

The duo is back at it again, with the release of Sir Elton's 33rd studio album Wonderful Crazy Night. Produced by the legendary T-Bone Burnett, the album not only re-unites John and Taupin, but it also brings back the classic line-up of his band, including two musicians who have played on many of John's best albums, drummer Nigel Olsson and guitarist Davey Johnstone. The new LP marks the first appearance for both musicians since John's 2006 album, The Captain & the Kid.

To kick off the new album, John has released a soulful new single "In The Name of You", which while reminding many of classic 70's & 80's Elton John tracks, adds a flair of verses that will make your mind wonder to a smoke filled jazz club, before bringing you back with an explosive guitar riff.