Ever since POTUS and the ATF announced their war on M855 'Green Tip' ammo, it has soared in price both locally and nationally. Even Lawton is getting in on the money making.

First and foremost, if you're in the know about this idiotic legislation, and you'd like to voice your opinion... here is a link that makes doing so very easy. It's a form that lets you choose your state and email your reps in one step.

Just one look around our local Armslist, you'll find that the worlds cheapest and most widely used 5.56 ammunition is under fire. Listing anywhere from 50cents to over two bucks per round, it's getting ridiculous. If the 22lr wars were any indicator, prepare to see 223 skyrockets again thanks to the governments scare tactics.


Some people (mostly the ***holes peddling this stuff) say this is the best ammo in the world... The mysterious 'steel penetrator'... The famous 'green tip'... blah, blah, blah...

Is is armor piercing? To an extent, it'll punch through most thin steel and some body armor components... but there's no way you could punch through serious armor with it. Nobody is looking at this thinking "Maybe I'll finally rob that armored car with this stuff." Honestly, if you stacked it up next to some quality lead core hunting ammunition, the lead stuff would most likely out perform it.

The reason it's call the 'steel penetrator' is the fact it has a little cone of steel in the cone of the projectile. It wasn't put there to be a hot little armor piercing round of ammunition... it was put there because steel is cheaper than lead.

Now, you might say "How much can a few grains of steel change the profits of a bullet?" Well, I'd answer that with this. Let's say that replacing 33% of the lead weight in one bullet with an equivalent of steel saved a sixth of a cent per round... multiply that by a few billion, and yeah, that's how corporate penny pinching works.

That's why M855 has always been referred to as the 'cheap' round on the market.

Prior to January 21st, 2008, you could buy 1k rounds of this stuff for well under $300... and a ton of people did... Not because it's good ammunition (it's hardly accurate enough to shoot precision matches at any respectable distance 600+yds) but people bought it strictly for the brass case.

It was cheaper to buy this stuff, shoot it, clean the brass, then reload it than it was to buy virgin brass to load up for the first time.

It's just not the magic evil bullet politicians are making it out to be...

Furthermore, if you're a shooter, or if you're new to shooting... don't go buying this ammunition at these ridiculous prices. Let some other sucker buy it, or just hope the scruples-less sellers sit on it forever.