Elected officials have been arguing for years about the state of the capitol building, it's seemingly falling apart. Today, those words came literally true.

Credit: Caleb Long

For the last month or so, a hot debate has raged between legislators about how and when to go about repairing our aging capitol building. Like most things surrounded by politicians, the arguments last far too long, and decisions are made after actions should have been taken.

Yesterday, a four pound chunk of concrete came falling down through the ceiling, crashing to an abrupt halt on some poor staffers desk. Nobody was hurt, but it happened.

Office of Management and Enterprise Services spokesperson John Estus said "Visually, it’s a striking image, but it’s actually not terribly uncommon in this building. We’re talking about a 100-year-old piece of rebar that’s rotted out and caused some concrete to shake loose."

Falling debris isn't the only problem in our capitol either. Just last month, when carpets came up wet, repair crews found a leaking drain. Not only soaking everything around it, but filling the air with political promises - ie - the sweet smell of sewage.

Ironically, Gov. Fallin and the OK House of Representatives have been feuding a bit with unrelated bills. The House struck down a $160million bill that would go towards repairing the capitol, but many agree that $160,000,000.00 is not enough money... just enough to get started.

Personally, I don't see why we can't scrap the capitol. Sure, it's historical, but it wasn't built to last by the Romans. It will continue to be a project that will cost billions in the end.

After all, a little over a decade ago, these politicians weren't worried about the capitol building falling apart... They were more concerned about putting a dome on top of that crumbling building.


They should start from scratch and put up a Morton building. Frame out some offices, stick a Sonic in one of the corridors, and be happy to do their legislative duties... after all, that's what we employ them to do.