Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese and the Mafia. Every movie buff knows they're ingredients that have been mixed together more than a few times, but it's (almost) always a worthwhile combination.

The trio is reunited once again in the upcoming film 'The Family,' which stars De Niro as a mob boss who's sent into witness protection after snitching on his "family." Problem is, his family (played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianna Agron and John D'Leo) are all sociopaths, and they end up in trouble wherever they go, much to the chagrin of the exasperated agent in charge of keeping them safe (Tommy Lee Jones).

Directed by Luc Besson ('The Fifth Element') and executive produced by Scorsese, 'The Family' plays on movie fans' expectations for a film including these familiar characteristics before subverting them with a blend of black comedy and violent action. In fact, the trailer's opening moments intentionally mimic De Niro and Scorsese's greatest hits, right down to featuring the Rolling Stones on the soundtrack. As De Niro reflects on life in the mob and remembers the good times, you hear the Stones' 'Can't You Hear Me Knocking' and wonder if you might be in for a gritty, 'Casino'-type drama.

That's far from the case -- check out the rest of the trailer for an idea of the wild blend of tones Besson attempts to pull off here -- but it's always fun to see stars acknowledge their past baggage in a humorous way. 'The Family' is due for theatrical release on Sept. 20.