If you haven’t noticed yet, I am kind of a bargain hunter. While I will definitely ‘invest’ in clothing/accessory items that I plan on having for a long time, anything that falls into the trendy category needs to be budget friendly. Since I know I’m not alone in this sentiment, I wanted to share some of my favorite ‘frugal’ retailers. I’ve created an outfit of these stores’ current offerings, perfect for upcoming summer (aka flipping hot) weather.


















Target – I saw these chambray pants the other day in my local Tar-jay and they are fab.  Need to go back and pick them up ASAP. And I always love Target’s shoes. Great price point, and for me, they have lasted longer than other inexpensive options.
Forever21 – I am 26 and I heart Forever21. I don’t wish to be 21 again, but I hope I will always love shopping there, because you CANNOT beat the prices for on-trend items.
Asos - Asos has been a recent obsession of mine. Since I haven’t perfected the clothing sizing yet, I’ve been sticking to accessories. Love this chain bracelet. $14? Yes, please.
Old Navy - A favorite of mine since middle school, they have really amped up their style lately. Love this Kelly green shirt.
JC Penney - JC Penney has really been getting it done lately. These sunglasses are a very inexpensive update for your eye-wear (is that a word?) Anyway, I like them a lot.