June 6, 1944. The beginning of the end for what seemed to be a lengthy war already. The Allied invasion was getting ready to begin in France. The evening prior, the Commander in Chief, Franklin D Roosevelt spoke to the nation via radio. The following day he did again and said a prayer. This was done at a time when most Americans did not have a problem with leaders in position of high authority i.e. President of the United States, saying a public prayer.

As thousands of U.S. and allied troops launched the invasion that eventually led to the defeat of Nazi Germany, FDR asked America to join him in prayer.

Now 67 years and several generations later, a plan to have a plaque with the pray read by FDR in it entirety placed at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC has hit some major road blocks, mainly the current administration.

This past week the Director of the Bureau of Land Management (do not know which party he belongs to) said the plaque would "dilute" the memorial central message.

One World War II VET spoke to the House committee on the issue and said it came at a perilous time, yet was answered in victory at a dear cost of lives.

No decision has been made to date weather the plaque will be added to the memorial or not.

And now for my two cents. I think that the people in charge of this should take a long look at this prayer and reconsider. Maybe a prayer in their life might not hurt as well.



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