Getting a passport can be a big hassle, and takes weeks, if not months.  And it's even more work if you're also getting passports for your kids. But if you're looking for somewhere warm that's outside the U.S. and easier to access, here are five exotic vacation destinations that DON'T require a passport.



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    Puerto Rico

    which is probably the most popular spot on this list.  That's mostly because flights there are cheap, and it's beautiful.  Three of the best airlines for cheap flights there are Spirit, Southwest, and JetBlue.

    And it's a commonwealth of the United States, which is why you don't need a passport.
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    The Northern Mariana Islands

    They're in Micronesia about 1,500 miles southeast of Japan and they're the only other group of islands that are a commonwealth of the U.S.

    You've got the island activities like hiking and scuba diving, and there's a lot of history too:  Spain colonized the islands in the 16th century.  Then Japan took control during World War Two, and the U.S. seized them in 1944.
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    It's just south of the Mariana Islands and has a similar history.  So it's a popular tourist spot for Americans and the Japanese.

    And the water is supposedly so clear there, you can see up to 150 feet underwater in some places.  So obviously snorkeling and scuba diving are big there too.
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    The U.S. Virgin Islands

    They're just east of Puerto Rico, so getting there is pretty easy, and reasonably cheap.  The three main islands are Saint Thomas, Saint Croix, and Saint John, where the economy relies mostly on tourism and RUM.

    About 2.6 million people visit the U.S. Virgin Islands each year.  But if you want to visit the neighboring BRITISH Virgin Islands, you DO need a passport.
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    American Samoa

    It's farther south than Guam is, about 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii.  So the easiest way to get there is to hit Hawaii first, then grab a flight on Hawaiian Airlines.

    American Samoa isn't nearly as touristy as the other spots on the list, so it's a better option if you want to avoid huge groups of people.