After years of hoping and wishing, the time has finally come for this guy to see Fleetwood Mac in concert!

Upon seeing the dates listed on Fleetwood Mac's official website, the excitement has burned a hole in face in the shape of a smile! December 14th - American Airlines Center Dallas.

I was instantly taken back to August, 1997... (cue the dream sequence music) I was 14 and attending a birthday party for a school mate I had a huge crush on. We all had fun playing mid-high kissing games out back, but as the sun fell beyond the horizon, we all went inside for cake and some slow-dancing...

All of a sudden, I heard the opening notes of 'The Chain' coming from the den where her father and his old friends were. I couldn't help but cautiously mosey in there.

I could tell he was instantly annoyed, and he totally saw me as a major distraction... until I opened my mouth. After a game of "Name that album" (which I totally won) I ended up finding the courage to sit on the couch across the room and quietly enjoy Fleetwood Mac's 'The Dance' concert with him and his old friends for the next hour or so.

It was a moment that's stayed in my memory for 17 years, and one that doesn't seem to haze on the details.

While I did inevitably 'lose the girl' because my best bud Charlie was there to dance with her in my absence, I was cool with it because I got to sit and see one of my favorite bands play live (even if it was just on the tv, we didn't have YouTube back then)

Come hell or high water, I will be at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on December 14th 2014, and yes... it will be glorious.