One coffee shop is taking a stand against customers brow beating topics. Check out the video to see how they are silencing these issues!

There are many reasons I do not go to Starbucks, one of them is the insanely annoying names for coffee, and that is because I am easily distracted and annoyed at the pseudo-intellectual conversations that tend to occur. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on topics not saying they aren't and at times it is fun to rehash certain topics with new ideas or with old friends. But, the one thing that grates on my last nerve it to have the greasy hair, scraggly bearded hipster reciting something he say in another person book who has the idea and quote completely wrong. I know it is all open to interpretation by the reader and the reader is the only one who puts true meaning behind the words. Great, yeah I got it but at times there is really on one way that a particular author meant his work to be taken.

The most popular topics among beatnik coffee snobs is Marx and Nietzsche. Both very good authors with extremely powerful works but for Pete Sakes give it a rest. And I am not alone in this argument a coffee shop in San Fransisco has decided to put a stop to these beaten topics and just plain inappropriate conversation by placing a sign just outside the Four Barrel Coffee Shop. The sign respectfully asked its patrons to please not talk at length about completely annoying hipster topics and the bedrooms exploits of the previous evening because the neighbors of the shop know everything about the goings of the bedroom scene. Check out a recent video of the Four Barrel Coffee Shop owner and how he describes his business.