Career has a list of the four biggest deal-breakers for employers when you're trying to land a job. Check them out. 

 Your online footprint is a mess.

Employers will Google you before you're asked to interview. They'll check you out on Facebook and Twitter, and 23% will try to find your comments on sites like and Yelp.


 You're not prepared at the interview.

About one third of applicants will be interviewing with a CEO or other top executive. So prepare as though you'll be talking to the top brass.


 You don't know enough about the company.

Most applicants get eliminated because they don't have the skills. But another set gets knocked out because they ask for too much money, or they don't fit with the company.


 You lack manners.

82% of employers want a "thank you" after the interview. Don't be the applicant who doesn't send one.


There are other things to consider when you go in for an interview.  But the most important one is to be yourself. Do not try to impress by being some one you are not. If you do and get the job, chances are that when the 'real' you shows up instead of the one they hired, you may be shown the door.



(Career Builder)