I start my shopping early.  I mean REALLY early.  I bought my first Christmas present around July of this year and hope to have everything done by late October.  I put things in the closet and on the big day, we gather around the tree.  Each one of us is equipped with a trash bag and an box cutter.  The trash bag is for the . . .um. . .trash.  The box cutter is to actually get INTO the present after fighting with the unbelievable packaging that almost everything under 20 lbs comes with.  The hard clam shell, the sealed edges on the plastic that will rip right through the soft part of your thumb, have caused more than one person in my family to have the "do I need stitches" conversation on Christmas morning.

Today, while shopping on Amazon for a particular item for the Hubby's pile of presents, I saw several items that offered Frustration-Free Packaging.  I don't even care what that really means . . . I hit the buy button instantly.

After that giddy moment when I thought maybe we could spend more time enjoying the gifts than OPENING the gifts, I decided to research a little.

I was first worried that someone at Amazon unwrapped everything and then put it into an Amazon box.  That would bother me since I know how many times I've messed up something or put a scratch in something I was trying to extricate from a modern packaging nightmare.  In fact, Amazon provides special packaging to manufactures to do it in their own facilities -- which means you might get all 5 million pieces of that Lego set.

To bonus on that, the material is all easy to recycle and you don't have to worry about those little ties, the wires, the clamshells, the potential trip to the ER.

I want every retailer in the UNIVERSE to adopt this kind of policy.  I know it is impractical in brick-and-mortar stores where there is loss prevention worries, but I'm happy to go to your website and buy from you there if I can save my poor fingers. . . .

You can read the entire policy on Amazon's website.