Sleepovers often feature pillow fights, manicures, and a rousing game of Truth or Dare. But this summer, think outside the box. With these simple and fun slumber party tips and tricks, you’ll be the coolest mom on the block!

Food - Pizza is a safe bet for a slumber party. Have your child ask her friends before the party what their favorite toppings are, what they like to drink, and if they have any allergies so you can prepare accordingly. The kids will love you even more if you set out some of their favorite snacks, such as chips, cookies, and candy. It’s also a good idea to make breakfast the next morning. Donuts are a quick, easy option and a rare treat, but offering different kinds of cereal and fruit is also a smart move.

Games - Tire those kids out with all kinds of games at your kid’s slumber party. A scavenger hunt is a popular and fun-filled game to try before changing into pajamas and settling down for the night. Before the party, hide various objects around the house and in the backyard. If you know the neighborhood and the neighbors well, allow the children to go around to neighbors’ houses collecting the items on their list. Other fun sleepover games are: talent show, dance party, and the classic pillow fight.

Crafts -Little girls love dressing up and feeling pretty, so to keep them busy and to provide souvenirs for them to take home, you can make homemade jewelry with the little ones. Stock up on an assortment of colored beads, set out some string, and let the girls go to town making bracelets, necklaces, and anything else their creative minds can dream up. Other fun, crafty ideas include manicures and pedicures, playing dress up, and giving each other new hairstyles.

Movies - Whether you want to have an all-night movie marathon or just watch one flick as the kiddos fall asleep, it’s important to pick a movie that everyone will like and that is age appropriate. If the kids are really young, a classic Disney movie is a safe bet. You could even have a Disney princess movie marathon. If your charges are a bit older, some fun movie ideas are: 13 Going on 30, Clueless, and Miss Congeniality.

Making sure you have enough food and activities are keys to a successful and fun sleepover. What are some of your favorite slumber party ideas?