I think this might look more like me than I actually look in real life.  I always feel sort of cartoonish.

Today's Time Waster is brought to you by the new Peanuts Movie.

No, they haven't paid us to do this, it's just kinda fun to pick out the kind of clothes and such you would wear if you were part of the Peanuts gang.  I particularly like my new shoes.  I have a love of purple and polka dots that is beautifully represented in my new self.

By the way:  did youknow there was a Peanuts movie coming out?  Me either. . . but now I do . . . and I am excited.

If you want to Peanutize yourself . . . http://www.peanutizeme.com/

Want to see the trailer for the movie?   http://www.peanutsmovie.com/trailer/