Day before yesterday I filled up my Envoy.  It cost $47.58.  If I filled it up today, it would cost  $48.88. That is for the 13 gallons I needed at the time.

In just one day, prices all across the area jumped $0.10.   That $1.30 might not be a big deal if you look at the short term, but if you think back just a couple of years when gas was about $2.29 a gallon, filling up my Envoy with the same 13 gallons would cost $29.77.  So, in about two years, the cost of filling up my tank has gone up $17.81.

Let’s keep following the math. I fill up once a week so that means compared to two years ago, I'm paying $926.12 more per year.  I can promise you my paycheck has not increased by that much.

And that isn't all.  Those costs you can't see are also going up:  shipping costs, delivery costs. . all of that is hitting your bottom line.  Even some of your favorite products have compensated for the gas prices.  They might not have raised the price of their product, but they have CHANGED the product.  Bought a box of cereal lately?  The boxes are smaller but sold at the same price as a year ago.  Look at the bottom of bottles.  They are now concave so they can save on product.  Detergent is at a premium and now Tide is one of the most-stolen items in grocery stores.

So, how do you drive without gas?  Around here, you don't.  Unless you can walk or drive a bike, this area is dependent on automobile travel.  As millions of Americans across the nation my family and I need adjust our budget.  Make room for higher gas prices, make room for shopping more frequently because some products are offering less for the same price and budget for the simple things.

Yes, we can be active in the government and politics to try to make a difference.  However, the biggest impact we can make is by planning ahead around the possibility gas prices will continue to increase with another $0.10 and another….and another!

How is your family surviving the gas prices? Share with us your tips and we will post them here!