Hurricane Sandy relief efforts are starting to slow down, due to gas stations running out of gas. The effort to secure enough gas for the region has moved to becoming a major priority in recovery efforts.

The Associated Press has reported that people are waiting for hours just to get gas and that some stations cannot dispense gas simply because of lack of power.

The New York Times has reported that the Taxi Commission warned that taxi services would be thin today due the fuel shortage.

The Times has also reported that New York City officials said they had reached an agreement with a major supplier Thursday night that would ensure emergency operations such as fire, police, sanitation and work by the parks department to clean up downed trees, would continue as normal.

According to figures from AAA, of the gas stations it monitors, roughly 60 percent of stations in New Jersey and 70 percent on Long Island were closed.

New York and New Jersey ports have re-opened to allow boats carrying gas to move and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey has also waived restrictions for stations to purchase gas from out-of-state suppliers to continue relief efforts.

Gov. Christie’s office has warned that price gougers will be prosecuted, but drivers have reported that some stations are charging more than $4 a gallon, even though the state had set gas prices at $3.59 on the highways last week, according to the Associated Press.

The Associated Press also reports that ports and terminals remained open in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania, and portions of the Colonial and Buckeye pipelines are expected to re-open today. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners expects to open its three terminals in New Jersey and New York over the next two days after bringing in backup generators.

According to the national average price for gas right now is $3.52 a gallon.

Information from the New York Times and the Associated Press