In an interview with Sean Hannity, George Zimmerman, the man accused of shooting Trayvon Martin, says that there was a divine plan for to shoot the young boy in Florida. Watch the jaw dropping video! George Zimmerman has all been tried, sentenced, and is awaiting execution in the public eye however, legally anything as such yet to be proven. So while we wait for the US justice system to catch up with public opinion we have to sit and read story after story and interview after interview of the non-stop media machine riling us up over old audio and video clips. We finally have something new to salivate over and you couldn't ask for anything better than the interview with Fox News Anchor Sean Hannity.

Hannity asks George Zimmerman if he a predisposed mindset when carrying out his actions that night. Zimmerman gives very weak and what seems to be very unprepared answers. Such as, when Sean Hannity asks if he could go back and change anything about that night when he shot Trayvon Martin, remember that is the only thing that has been proven, Zimmerman, mumbles the answer, "I feel it was all God's plan and for me to second guess it or judge it..." Zimmerman then pauses and Hannity asks him another question.

watch the shocking interview clip

I have typical stayed away from this hot button issue on other blogs but, what the heck let's press this baby until it breaks. OK, so that was a really dumb answer and for Zimmerman's lawyer to be present in the interview and not offer and interjection or clarification of the response to "it was God's plan" seems a little strange doesn't it? I am pretty sure if we sat down with all mighty, omnipotent creator he wouldn't say hey don't know what I was thinking that day. I wrote down that some guy in Florida was supposed to shoot and adolescent boy and be persecuted in the public eye and not matter which way the court case is decided justice will not have been served. I, personally, have a hard time accepting that response especially when I am not the one who has a Jurist Doctorate and am sitting with my client in an interview and he gives a halfhearted response as that.

I mean the lawyer for Jerry Sandusky was dropping in every 2.5 seconds to clarify his creepy clients answers to similar questions from Chris Hansen. I am sure I could fill up an entire website with a diatribe regarding all the instances of poor judgement that have occurred in the Zimmerman case but, they only allow me a small portion of this site. And I have only begun to scratch the surface of this issue. What do you think about Zimmerman's response?