Author of 'Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin is raising funds for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico as well as the Food Depot of Sante Fe. By donating to this cause you might get killed for it in true 'Game of Thrones' fashion.Martin set up the fundraiser through Prizeo in support of this campaign and he has many reward levels for the amount of money you donate. From a thank-you e-card, a t-shirt, a personal written note, items from the 'Game of Thrones' show and even a chance for Martin to write you in as a character and then kill you.

So how much do you have to donate for that honor to appear in his novels? Twenty thousands dollars will give you a place in literary history where you can choose your characters lifestyle and be killed in a way only Martin could come up with.

That's not all though, whatever amount you donate, you will be entered in a chance to win a helicopter ride and tour of the Sanctuary with George R.R. Martin and will even get a chance to ask him anything you want related to the show, his novels or anything you wanted to know about Martin.

You can check out the fundraiser campaign at this link: