In the world of politics, Oklahoma is the last place you'd expect to see shenanigans... and with the Republican Primary coming up Tuesday, Chad Moody is pushing new boundaries in this state.

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Chad Moody is one of the more colorful candidates looking to dethrone Governor Mary Fallin this year. Running on a platform of "respect for individual rights," with the slogan "God, Grass, and Guns." How can you not love this guy already? Let's dive into it.

Chad is a very well known lawyer in Oklahoma City, referred to as 'the drug lawyer' by most, but by most accounts he seems to practice Constitutional Law. His arguments are wildly awesome in the sense of freedoms... and sadly, most of his platform is thrown out by most of the media due to his unquestionable stance on one issue... Weed.

Fundly: Chad Moody for Governor

The prohibition and legalization of marijuana can be a touchy subject in most circles around this state. We are deep in the bible belt after all, but let's not make this all about weed because it's not. It's about this dude running for office.

Looking around at his official website,, you might just see that Chad shapes up to be quite the libertarian. Not a Libertarian, but a libertarian. There is a big difference. He seems to be a staunch supporter of personal freedoms and liberties... but along with those freedoms, Moody supports personal responsibilities of the individual. ie - reaping what you sow.

Now, knowing that Chad is a lawyer, it seems like an ironic stance for a dude who's job is getting criminals (in the eyes of law anyway) off the hook for their actions. But I digress, the message is pretty eye-opening.

As you would expect with any Republican candidate these days, there's the typical slew of negativity towards Liberal things like gun control and Obama-care... but he's also pretty critical on typical Conservative topics like environmental pollution, the 'War on Drugs,' and military spending. You almost can't put a definitive label on this guy.

What really caught my eye about Chad Moody was his stance on guns. You see, over the last few months, Fallin has not been the Second Amendment supporter she brands herself to be, and that is not cool at all. She even vetoed a bill that contained quite a bit of 2A legislation during one of her little hissy-fits. Moody seems to be the type of guy that knows true "gun control" is using a two-handed, thumbs forward grip.

Other issues that seem to get lost in the weed talk is his views on touchy social issues, like gay-rights and such. Whether you agree with him or not, he does strike some good points all around his website.

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The Republican Primary is next Tuesday. Get out and vote! But before you do, take a little time to decide on which candidate gets your vote.

Here's all three candidates begging for your vote.

Chad Moody for Governor - God, Grass, and Guns

Dax Ewbank - Liberty is the Issue

Mary Fallin - Governor of Oklahoma