There are few things in life as satisfying as sitting around a wood stove on the back patio. Beyond fire pits and chimineas, the Dutch have taken it to a whole new level.

Introducing the new whole log burning Spruce Stove!

The vision behind this ingenious stove is simple. Put the whole tree into a stove, you won't have to keep pumping it full of firewood to keep it hot and running.

The days of chopping firewood may be numbered. No more axes, clunky splitters, and making seven trips to the wood pile when you want to gather on the patio. All you need is one good log, and you're set for the evening.

The real technology here is the wood gate/door this glorified wood stove utilizes. It simply adjusts to fit around the log.

The Spruce Stove even offers an indoor version of this stove, and while that sounds strange in SWOK, wood stoves are a common source of home heating throughout the US.

What's the catch?
It's expensive. Really expensive. These epic stoves start at $5700 USD, plus shipping across the Atlantic.

Is it going to replace the 55 gallon drum in my shop? No. Shop barrels are just about the best way to heat a shop on the cheap. When a barrel eventually burns/rusts through, you simply pop off the stove door and put it on a new barrel... but this is really cool.

If you do catch a wild hair and order one, let me know. I'll help you chop trees.

Check out more at the official website.