The Commissary. A place for active duty military and retirees to shop for groceries at a better rate than on the local economy. But, if the Government has their way, 2015 could see the closing of most if not all of the stateside commissaries.

It will affect retirees like myself who buy the bulk of groceries at the commissary. Yes, it is a privilege extended to us individuals who served their country for 20, 25, 30 years or more. It is also given to the military members who have been medically separated due to injuries sustained in conflict.

Yes, I do save money by shopping there. Yes, I understand that taxes are not collected but a surcharge is added. Items are priced lower there than at Country Mart or Walmart. So if they were to close, I would wind up having to make trips to one store or both looking or the deals that I can find at the commissary.

If they close, the people who work there, (mostly dependents) would lose their jobs. Some work there due to the fact the military has not kept up with the private sector as far as salary goes. Cost of living increases are at a bare minimum. Military families struggle and it would hurt them even more than myself and other retirees.

Those of us who have this privilege need to voice our concerns to congress. If you live in and around Ft. Sill, you need to write to Rep. Tom Cole. For those near Altus (Altus AFB) and Enid (Vance AFB)  write to Rep Frank Lucus, Oklahoma City (Tinker AFB) Rep Jim Bridenstine. I will be writing my Congressman to lay out my displeasure of the possible closing of the Ft. Sill Commissary. If you have the privilege of the commissary, I encourage you to do so as well.