My mom taught me how to cook.  She could rattle off the ingredients to so many homemade things like biscuits and gravy, a dish we called 'meal in a dish', spaghetti, and chicken fried steak.  I also have a great friend who gave me a wonderful recipe for Crock Pot Pizza, which I will share with you here.  Because so many of us learned to cook this way, I found it odd that more and more people are turning to social media or trusted bloggers for  their recipe collections.

The new study is titled, 'Clicks & Cravings: the impact of Social Technology on Food and Culture'.  Maybe it is easier to cut and paste instead of trying to read the scribbles in the margins of the handwritten recipe cards, but, I will never give up my recipe collection.

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Crock Pot Pizza

1-2 pounds ground beef, cooked

1 pkg rotini noodles, boiled

2 jars pizza sauce

1 large package mozzarella cheese

1 pkg pepperoni slices.

Layer in crock pot in the following order, ground beef, noodles, sauce, cheese, pepperoni.  I can get 3 layers in my crock pot, ending with pepperoni.  Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6 watching to make sure the cheese doesn't burn.