The idiots that made this ridiculous video have now made the original private... but I was able to drudge up another copy online. 3500+ down votes on Reddit and counting... Enjoy

In what might be the worst public service announcement of the year, gun control idiots are telling kids to take guns to school. Literally.

Now, being a fan of the arts, you can tell the direction the message is shooting for... but this message is completely missing the target. So lets break this down with a little common sense.

WARNING - It can be dangerous introducing the concept of common sense to gun control twits. The independent thought process isn't for everyone. Proceed with caution.

WARNING #2 - I'm not some far right/left leaning douchebag. I'm pretty well split right up the middle, so the answer is no... Politics play no part in the following.

First off, any person that stores a firearm in a place accessible to their kid deserves neither. If they're not locked up in some sort of safe/vault, they shouldn't be allowed to own the firearms they love.

I've had this argument a thousand times... "My kids know not to touch my guns..." blah blah blah... Some people don't understand that kids are naturally curious. It will (probably) eventually happen.

You can pick up a safe at Walmart for $30... Don't let being a cheap and irresponsible gun owner cost you something you can't replace. Lock em up.

Secondly, nobody should encourage a kid to steal their parents firearms. This just might be the best piece of advice you'll read today.

People are more than welcome to their views and opinions on anything in our society. I fully support, and will die defending your right to any opinion you think is correct, even if it directly contradicts my beliefs. That's the beauty of being an American. You can think and express whatever you want... but letting your anti-firearm views influence your decision to encourage a child to commit felony theft of a firearm is where we must draw a thick line.

If that's honestly your idea of responsible activism, please feel free to literally bite the bullet.

Third, and this is probably the most poignant point... Don't encourage a child to take a gun to school, and let them know whipping out a pistol in front of their teacher will most likely result in your child, or yourself, getting rightfully hauled off to court. (Or, if you're in the Southern US, that teacher might just skin their smoke-wagon and send hot lead down-range in defense)

Guns do not belong in school. Period.

Now, there are a slew of people who have expressed their thoughts on our current 'zero-tolerance' policies on such social contraband. It's another issue that seems split up the middle. You're either pro-zero tolerance or completely against it. There is no fence sitters in this argument.

While I happen to be a fan of them, I don't support some of the cases we've heard about in the last year or so.

The child that made a 'finger-gun' while playing "cops and robbers" on the playground... He ended up suspended. A decision that should have gotten a teacher, a principal, and an administrator fired on the spot.

All the same, the high school senior that forgot he had his bird gun in the truck on Monday morning in the school parking lot... I was ok with him getting his punishment. As adults, we must teach our youth responsibility. To be responsible, you can't forget if you do or do not have a gun with you. Lesson learned for that kid. (though I hope that punishment doesn't follow him into adulthood)

Following more on the trend of teaching our youth, here's some more point-blank advice.

Teach your kids not to touch guns.

Teach your kids that all guns are loaded.

If you're some anti-firearm, gun-grabbing nut job, teach your kids to not touch guns.

If you're a pro-gun firearm enthusiast, teach your kids not to touch guns. (unless you're standing right next to them teaching them about guns)

But don't rely on your words of consideration alone. Lock up those guns. Be responsible.

Gun safety isn't hard or confusing. Use a little common sense.