Meredith Kelly's cat Gus has become a feline kleptomaniac, flogging a large amount of booty from the Rosedale area, including more than 60 shoes from who, only the owners of the missing items know.


He started small, bringing home bark chips, leaves and even newspapers.  Then his thieving life began to grow.  It wasn't long before before he began bringing home shoes.

My cats leave me the nicest presents on my back step!  From mice to birds, the occasional headless

body of some type of animal.  A snake once in awhile.  The most interesting thing they have left for me is the entire body of a pheasant!  Only the head was gone.  If I had known how long it had been laying there I probably would have cleaned it and cooked it for supper!

Have your animals brought home any strange items?  You can leave your comments below!

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