Time to get your flu shot. Critter decide to be the perfect example for TSM Lawton, getting his shot the first day they were available. 

After all , we are for the most part a pretty healthy nation. But when it comes to the cold and flu season, we, well, just fall apart.

A recent poll discovered that so far in October, only about seven percent of Americans reported having a cold on any given day of this month. But the days are getting shorter and so far we have had some very cold and wet days. And the more people are exposed to the elements, they leave themselves to the possibility of getting a cold or maybe the flu.

People also reported in the poll that they have had the flu as early as October for at least one day. And that trend has been ongoing for the last couple of years. Breaking it down demographically, more younger adults than older Americans reported having a cold or the flu.

The time is prime right now to get the shot. Doctor's offices and local health clinics have the vaccine available and you should before there is an onset of the flu.

So will you do like Critter and get your flu shot?  I will and soon, you should as well.