What does Motown and 1/4 of the Fab Four have in common?  Not much when you think about it.  That is until this past July.  During a visit to the Motown Historical Museum, Sir Paul stated "It's a shame that the piano does not actually play."  And he is putting his money behind it to be restored.

Paul could not wait to get inside Studio A and actually touch the 1877 Steinway grand piano that many great musicians from Detroit, such as Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder have played.  Technically the museum staff is not supposed to let any one touch the piano due to age and condition.  But then again, he is Paul McCartney.

But today the piano was picked up and shipped to Steinway and Sons for total restoration which could take upwards of 5 months.  Paul has agreed to foot the entire bill start to finish.

If you were able to such a great gesture, what would it be?


Boston Globe