I'm sure by now, you've seen the neat beer bottle drinking glass hack on the web. Let's cut out the lies and master this manly form of beer art.

The web would have you tie some string around a beer bottle, soak it in something flammable, let it burn, then toss it into some ice water... Boom, perfect beer bottle drinking glasses...is what you expect, but no. That's not how you make these bottles.

Th problem is, you can't control the heat of that flame with precision, so your bottle glass comes out more like the bar weapon of choice... a sharp, jagged, broken beer bottle.

That's not manly at all (in terms of DIY'ing some glasses)

Here's how you make it work.

Go to the hobby store in town. Hobby Lobby is the only place coming to mind, but you may be able to score the tool you need at a hardware store like Sanders, Ace, or Harbor Freight...

You'll need a glass cutter... the manliest way to cut glass and junk...

You simply measure out where you want the top of the glass to be, score it, the alternate hot and cold water on that line until it perfectly breaks into two pieces.

No fire, no string, and no awkward trip to the store to buy womens fingernail polish remover.

If you need more instruction than that, (and it's ok to need more instructions... it'll cost you a notch in the 'ol man-card, but you'll get it back with these glasses) here is a detailed video to get you down the path to beer-drinking righteousness.