We've long known that Oklahoma is not on the top list of healthy states in the United States.  But, there is also competition county by county inside our lovely state.

There can be no doubt we can all do better, but how much better do we have to do to beat the number one county?  Kingfisher County has been labeled the healthiest in Oklahoma.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released the information and rankings and Comanche County is listed as number 24 out of Oklahoma's 77 counties.  Not bad, but we can do better!  In fact, if it were not for our physical surroundings being amazing, it would be much worse.  Here's some information you might find enlightening:

Comanche County Is:

  • 15th in Length of Life
  • 56th in Quality of Life
  • 74th in Health Behaviors
    • We need to quit smoking, lose a little weigh and curb our drinking
  • 9th in Clinical Care
  • 55th in Social & Economic Factors
  • 2nd in Physical Environment

Want to see who beat us?  See the full report.