A few weeks ago, I attended the Comanche County Memorial Hospital fundraiser event for the Children's Starlight Foundation. It was held in the brand new Lawton Convention Center. The ballroom was filled with community leaders from all over Comanche County and Fort Sill.

There were several nice items in the silent auction. I saw a print of an old truck; it reminded me of a photo I had recently taken. As I got closer I noticed it was a painting by Howard Council! I had to have the print! I kept going back throughout the night to ensure my name was the last one on the list. About 5 minutes before the auction was to end David told me I had better go back and make sure I was still the top bidder. By the time I got to the back of the room they had closed the auction and I had lost to Johnny Owens...by just $25! I was so disappointed. I approached Johnny and told him I was so disappointed that I had not won the bid, but congratulated him on his win.

A couple days later I received a call from the hospital's marketing department. They said that Johnny had come in and paid for the print and told them to give it to me! I am now the proud owner of the print.

Howard Council Print

As soon as I picked it up I went to visit Howard at his saddle shop. He was so excited that I had the print and he told me that he had painted the truck from a photo he had taken years before. The truck sat at an old salvage yard just south of Lee on 6th street. He said he used to eat at a cafe there called The Country Kitchen and every day he would see that truck and just thought it would be so nice to paint it. He told me he added the chickens to make it look like it was sitting on a farm somewhere. He also added the sunflower because Genevieve, his wife, loves sunflowers. He still has the original because his wife won't let him sell it. I'm just so thankful that I have the print, signed by Howard, just for me!

A very special thank you to Johnny Owens. It was very thoughtful of you!