I saw this picture posted to my Instagram account called "The Santa Hat Game" and I thought I just HAVE to try this. It looked like so much fun. #SantaHatGame

Now, to be perfectly honest. I didn't actually drink every time it happened but I did make David pause the television so I could snap a picture. After about the 7th or 8th time I made him pause the TV is when he grew tired of it and made me stop.

Here is what you are supposed to do:

  • Place a Santa hat on either corner of your TV
  • When someone on the program you are watching "wears" the hat yell STOP
  • Take a drink

I was thinking there could be lots of fun ways to play it. Children, for instance, could receive a piece of Christmas candy each time they notice one of their cartoon characters wearing the hat. How would you modify the game?

If you play, we would love to see your photos. Tag us in your Facebook posts or upload them to our Facebook page. Don't forget the hashtag #SantaHatGame