What if your decision to drink and drive was staring right back at you in the mirror? What would you do?

Kris Caudilla made a mistake one night in 2010. It was a mistake that cost the life of Deputy Sheriff James Anderson, Jr. It was a mistake that has cost Caudilla the past 5 years of his life and will cost him close to 12 more. It was a mistake that Caudilla hopes to keep other people from making.

Recently patrons of a Los Angeles bar saw a reflection in the bar's bathroom mirror that wasn't what they expected to see. And it wasn’t the alcohol that made the patrons of the bar see things that they didn’t expect to see.

photo courtesy of youtube.com/We Save Lives

Instead of their own reflection, bar goers were surprised to come face to face with a video of Kris Caudilla. Caudilla, fully clad in a prison jumpsuit, first introduced himself to the surprised bar goers, explaining that he was speaking to them from prison. Caudilla went on to explain that in 2010 he was driving home drunk after a night of drinking with friends, when his vehicle collided head-on with the vehicle of St. Johns County, Florida, Deputy James Anderson Jr.

Clips of Caudilla telling his tale were prerecorded due to prison regulations. The bar goers, however, interacted with Caudilla as though they were speaking to him live. Unbeknownst to the bar goers, the encounter between the bar goers and Caudilla was filmed to be used as a public service announcement on behalf of We Save Lives, a nonprofit organization led by Candace Lightner, the founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

The PSA has been viewed on social media sites more than 35 million times since it was first published in April. According We Save Lives, the public service announcement has been viewed over 75 million times across 75 different countries.

photo courtesy of youtube.com/We Save Lives