Just like 3-D printing has revolutionized all kinds of manufacturing, a recent technology breakthrough is about to change design and style while taking it to a whole new level. It's been around for awhile but is just now starting to catch on and become more affordable. This new invention is called hydrographics, or water transfer printing. It's uses and applications are unlimited!

From car parts to everyday items hydrographics can be applied to plastics, metal, wood and even glass. If an item can be submerged in water then it can accept water transfer printing in most cases. The video above from HG Arts shows all the incredible uses and designs hydrographics can produce and be used for. The effect creates a 360 degree wrap around any object with even coverage and spacing.

Hydrographics and water transfer printing is becoming more and more popular, for obvious reasons. It's also becoming more affordable and the process can be done at home with starter kits and "do it yourself" packages that are available for purchase. With this new breakthrough you'll be able to customize and personalize just about anything you want to. You can even create your own designs and graphics. THIS IS AWESOME!