The past few days have taught me a lot about myself. Some good stuff and some bad. I have ALWAYS had this horrible fear of heights. I get up too high and I start feeling light headed, my mouth gets dry and I start to shiver a little.

On Thursday I participated in the ropes course at Canadian Valley Technical Center in Chickasha, OK. I walked wires that were at least 50 feet in the air and I even zip lined. The toughest part was trying to get up the stupid ladder. The rungs were so far apart I had to use every ounce of strength I had to hoist myself up. Looking down terrified me so I kept looking forward. I had to keep telling myself that I wasn't going to fall. It was a very difficult task for me and I started on the hardest side.


On Saturday I got into a tiny little woven basket with 6 other people and floated about 1500 feet above Lawton for about 30 minutes.I really didn't want to go but everyone I know was pushing me, telling me how amazing it would be. That I would regret not going so I powered through the fear and stepped into that basket. As it lifted off the ground I felt so free! It was AMAZING! I am so glad that I did it!


I was so proud that I faced my fear of heights and was able to do these two amazing things. I also learned a few other things about myself - I'm getting older and I'm not as limber as I used to be. I need to take better care of myself and stop trying to be so hard on myself. Maybe I can't lift that 150 pound weight and run a marathon but I CAN go for a walk with my dog every night and eat healthier. What a blessed week I've had! Thanks to everyone that has encouraged me, pushed me and cheered for me when I came down out of the clouds!

I want to share with you what my friend (and health coach) Kelly Harris shared with me on my Facebook page. After reading it, I cried because it completely made sense to me:

Congrats and absolutely! Notice how you wanted to fly but couldn't sprout wings and turn into a bird? But you could get in a balloon and float. You found a way to fly within your own limitations. You didn't just give up because you couldn't turn into a bird. Same goes for fitness. You want to get fit and healthy but can't sprout the perfect physique and physical abilities as an elite athlete or fitness professional, but you can walk your dog and eat healthier. You don't just give up because you're not blessed with physical perfection, you find your hot air balloon and float.

I hope each of you find your hot air balloon! It's AMAZING!