Starting July 1st, all Oklahoma schools must recite the Pledge of Allegiance at least once a week.  That is under a bill signed by Governor Fallin.

Do we REALLY need a law for that?  Apparently we do.  In Oklahoma, we have legislation already that says the pledge can be said in school -- but that it wasn't required of schools.  The change is simple:  Oklahoma schools WILL recite the pledge at least once a week -- but any kid can opt out of doing it.  Schools, also, must post notices that tell kids they have a choice.

First -- how many schools in Oklahoma do you think are not reciting the Pledge already?  I grew up in Texas, but it's gotta be the same.  In elementary school, you say it every single day.  In fact, we threw in a Pledge to the Texas Flag and a rendition of America the Beautiful or Texas, Our Texas.  It took us like 10 minutes to finish all our pledging.

Some social media posts I have seen are totally off the wall when it comes to this topic.  Some say it's a broach of freedom to require recitation (even if your kid can opt out) and some say it should be required and if you don't like it -- go to China.

Well, folks, I'll tell you right now . . . if you go to China -- you'll be saying the pledge and you won't have a choice and you could die for going against the state in such a simple way.

Thank God we live in a country that still gives you the liberty to throw off oppression and forge a path singular to you.  THAT is the American Way!

By the way . . . the man who wrote the pledge in 1892 was a socialist (they're big on marching and pledging and stuff).  It was adopted by Congress in the 40's and the "under God" part was added in the 50's.  So, let's get a little perspective.  Our very freedom is predicated on the idea that socialist, communist, republican and more can all share a common space and (even in disagreement) coexist on this patch of earth we call The United States of America.

If we didn't think that way -- we'd be having this discussion about God Save The Queen. . . . .