Summer is almost here and I was thinking back on my summers as a child.  We would set up either a lemonade stand and sell lemonade to anyone that was walking by or driving by or we had one of those cool Coca Cola dispensers.


You would put a GLASS bottle of Coke in it and it would dispense little glasses of pop for you.

I have noticed lately that cities and municipalities are blocking children from setting up lemonade stands because they don't have  "permit".  Nothing locally that I know of but all over the country they are stopping them from setting up lemonade, kool-aid and pop stands.  That's how we made our money so we could pay the fee to go to the pool every afternoon!

A friend from Minneapolis told me the other day some kids in her neighborhood were selling lemonade yesterday.  She stopped by to buy a glass and asked "Got any ice?"  The oldest kid said "Naw, we had ice last time but this time we're trying to cut costs."  Totally made both of us crack up laughing.  But this is exactly why we should allow our kids to set up a lemonade stand or whatever else they would like to make and sell.

One perfect venue to allow your child's creativity to go wild is with Central Mall Lawton's Kids, Inc.  They are taking applications for children 6 to 12 years of age.  They submit their business ideas and then encourage family and friends to vote for them.  The winning entries will be able to "set up shop" in Central Mall and sell their products and keep their proceeds.  This was very fun and successful last year so they are doing it again!

What did you do as a child to earn "your own money"?