The rap video ‘Booty Pop’ is making headlines in the news, but only because this 6-year-old South Florida boy is singing lyrics that are far from appropriate for his age.

The boy is caught between two ladies in bikinis who are dancing around Albert Roundtree Jr. as he repeats again and again ‘I can make your booty pop, booty pop, booty pop.’

A Vibe magazine blogger found the video and quickly pointed out that more often than not children are ‘over sexualized.’ It’s true that a lot of parents cheer on their kids when they sing Lady Gaga, or Madonna, some parents have even gone as far as dressing their little girls as prostitutes, think beauty pageants and Pretty Woman, in hopes that their kid will be noticed by someone who in return will make them rich!

watch 'booty pop'

Or at least that’s the case here. Roundtree’s parents paid with their own money to produce ‘Booty Pop’ hoping that a producer will notice the kid and make him famous.

The director behind the outrageous video, Tyler Council, even said that he is currently working on a second video for Roundtree Jr. called ‘Girls, Girls, Girls,’ can we pause for a second and remind you that this little boy is only 6-year-old!

Coucil said: “[Roundtree Jr.] his belly button is more important than Andy Griffith dying, and Obama getting the healthcare act past the Supreme Court. I think it's ridiculous."

Do you think the video director and the parents crossed a line by making Roundtree Jr. sing ‘Booty Pop’?