Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It is the same old story. Young boy loves to play hoops. Grows up taking on pick up game after pick up game. Continues to grow up and fine tunes his skills. Makes it through college and makes his dream come true. Professional basketball.

Fast forward to the end of this last season. All of the sudden we see all players scratching their heads due to a lock out. So what do they do?

If you are Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks, you go back to your college and host a camp for up and coming kids with the same dream that he had many years before.

And just how do you arrive? Driving a rental from the airport? Borrowing your friends "Hoopty" from the old neighborhood? Stretch limo?

No none of the above. If you are Joe Johnson you show up in a decked out Ford F-650 Supertruck XUV. Almost $200,000 worth of truck.

So imagine the surprise of the people running this camp when kids wanted to know more about the "truck" and how much Joe makes playing basketball. Many of these kids unfortunately will never see college or the benefits of pro sports. And now how do you maintain their attention for the camp?

So why do you dangle this large carrot in front of them? OK so you signed a multi year contract and can afford to fill up the 200 gallon tank with diesel. That (at today's price of $3.75) =$750.00

A lot of people would have to work a long time for one fill up. Or maybe a house payment to be missed for a ride in luxury? I just don't understand why it has to be flaunted. Why don't you instead provide something to the kids or give back to something in need. (There is plenty out there.)

Mean while I'll just sit back and watch to see if this lock out is going to "lock you out" of your mammoth truck.