Science in the minds of brilliant people never ceases to amaze me. Wild ideas become reality. Today just might be the day you heard about THE cure for cancer.

It's an ugly and large family of diseases that attack our bodies, yet all too often, the stories end with a losing battle. And it's not a 'new' disease that just popped up in the last hundred or so years like many believe. In fact, the earliest recording of 'cancer' was some 3,600 years ago by the brilliant Egyptians.

Cancer only seems like something 'new' because we're so good at diagnosing it these days. Technology has come a very long way in not only recognizing it, but also treating it.

A mix of radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy has been the go-to treatment for most cancers over the last few decades. Some respond very well, and others sadly don't. But, there is hope in the results of a wild shot in the dark taken at the Mayo Clinic over the last year.

Researchers at Mayo have been working with select viruses over the last few years. The idea was to make measles genetically toxic to cancer cells, yet leaving the cancer host alone. Basically, giving cancer a deadly virus.

The idea makes sense, the science is sound, and the ability to manufacture such a thing is possible in today's medicine. All they needed was a willing candidate to try this groundbreaking theory on.

Enter Stacy Erholtz, a 49 year old Minnesota woman suffering through a fight with multiple myeloma. It's a cancer that attacks a person plasma cells, blood, bones, marrow, and nervous system. It's quite a painful cancer to have.

Having been through chemotherapy and two different stem cell transplants with little to no positive results, things were looking bleak for Stacy. This made her a good candidate for Mayo's new experiment... and with her outlook not too bright, she decided to take that shot in the dark.

The doctors at Mayo Clinic injected 100 billion units of genetically enhanced measles directly injected into Stacy's blood stream. That's enough to make 10 million vaccinations. And the results started showing up within the hour.

Stacy started to experience a terrible headache. Another hour passed into uncontrollable shaking and a 105 fever. It was a very long night for everyone involved... but within a few days, Stacy started to feel normal again.

Monitoring her over the next few months, the researchers realized that her tumors were shrinking. Her cancer was becoming less by the day. Eventually, her tumors disappeared. Stacy has been completely cancer free for six months.

The Mayo Clinic is still working on this idea to become, not only a treatment, but the cure for cancer in the future.