We see these awesome and beautiful looking treats from websites such as Pinterest all the time, but when you make these amazing foods in your kitchen can you expect them to come out exactly like the photo? Nancy Mace and James Meeks find the answer to that question on MY 1073's 'It Came From Pinterest.'

A couple days ago Nancy was scrolling through Pinterest and ran into a photo of Gummy Bear Popsicles. In the photo you can see all of the gummy bears and that the popsicle itself is clear.

You know what they say about the internet, always be careful what you read and check the sources. Since the photo was found on Pinterest, there was a good chance what we were seeing wasn't the truth.

So we got some popsicle makers, gummy bears and a bottle of Sprite (because that's what the Pinterest recipe called for) to see if this was the genuine article or just another Pinterest fail.